Marie Leszczynska

Marie Leszczynska,
Queen of France

From 1748, the DALLOYAUs were at the service of Marie Leszczynska and the grande bourgeoisie.
Mathurin DALLOYAU, first serving the Bourbon family, was then appointed "chef de fruiterie".
Antoine DALLOYAU, Mathurin'son, became "hâteur".
Joseph DALLOYAU, Charles'son, became "potager".

The "chef de fruiterie" preserved and chose fruits, prepared salads, created desserts and enhanced the princely tables.
The "hâteur" or "rôtisseur" prepared meats, dressed, cooked and grilled them for the roast service.
The "potager" was in charge of the confection and the invention of new soups.

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