Cyriaque Gavillon

DALLOYAU and Cyriaque Gavillon came together in a meeting of heart and mind. Descendant of a line of renowned pastry chefs and cooks - Joseph Gavillon, his father, performed as a pastry chef at the Ritz Hotel - he decided to pursue the work of the DALLOYAU dynasty by taking the lead of DALLOYAU.

From 1949, Cyriaque began an extensive movement of modernisation of the House.
His wife Andrée was the soul of the boutique. She often welcomed well-known names from fashion and cinema industries and from the whole city of Paris.

An artist and craftsman, Cyriaque reflected French-style grand recepetions. He created sugar decorations for film sets and launched the first cookery features in "ELLE" magazine with Mapie de Toulouse Lautrec.

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