inventor of french taste

A visionary house

In 1966, Nadine Gavillon, Cyriaque and Andrée’s daughter, decides to go to Japan for a full year. This determining year will mark the start of a great adventure, the one that will turn DALLOYAU into an international brand.

In 1997, DALLOYAU is the first brand to introduce the macaron in Asia.

Always in tune with the lifestyles of the markets where it established itself, DALLOYAU is the first brand to reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol in its pastries. As a visionary, Nadine Gavillon developed the spirit of the House in creating the visual identity, an integrated trends office or a Research and Development department. Her children succeeded to her in 2010 with the ambition to preserve the DALLOYAU excellence in order to present the true French good taste to the world.

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