Inimythable macarons Dalloyau

The Macarons

The DALLOYAU macarons are an irreplaceable institution.Ultra fresh, they are made according to a recipe kept secret for three centuries: a Valencia almonds dough, imperceptibly sweetened to exalt flavors, garnishing specifically adapted to each flavor for a perfect balance.

Thus, the chocolate macaron provides the intensity of a ganache made of a 70% pure cocoa chocolate from Venezuela. The raspberry macaron calls an exquisite home-made jam with fruit pulp. The Bergamot tea macaron allies the delicateness of an Earl Grey tea exalted by hints of citrus fruits. Over the seasons, the House’s chefs explore temporary flavors. The nougat joins the cherry, the strawberry with the apricot or crispy rice, orange comes to sparkle on mango or a speculoos.

With the Eat Bags, the House provides the Parisian women a gourmand accessory of four macarons cocooned in a take-away box, with elegant colours.

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