Inimythable Opéra Dalloyau

The Opéra Cake

In 1955, Cyrique Gavillon invented the desert of the 20th century and allowed Dalloyau to make history. Genius Pastry Chef, he dares creating an avant-garde design by making a parallelepipoid that goes against the standards in the cakes realm then, fluffy and full of decorations.
The boldness is also in the taste, completely new: the flour is almost gone to make room for the coffee and the chocolate. One bite is enough to enjoy the intensity of a coffee cream associated with the strength of a chocolate ganache on a base of joconde biscuit impregnated with coffee syrup.
Astonished with the appearance of the cake, Andrée Gavillon spontaneously compares it to the stage of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Its name is found, the cake will be called “the Opera”.
The mythic cake evolves over the ages: lightened in sugar, it gains in intensity with a stronger Italian style roasted coffee and a 70% cocoa chocolate blend from Venezuela.

It became a classic of French pastry and explores different flavors over the decades.

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